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Ryszard Jurkowski

Keywords : employee, damage, responsibility, premises of the responsibility, compensation
in the article issues concerning the material responsibility of employees were presented. They showed that this responsibility was appearing in case of causing damage by the employee at performing resulting obligations by him from the employment. They are premises of the material responsibility of the employee: the unlawfulness of behaving, the fault, the damage and the cause-and-effect relationship between the just unlawful conduct oneself of employee and with damage incurred. This responsibility can be incurred under relevant laws and regulations, when the employer has the duty to demonstrate all premises of the responsibility or on account of entrusted possessions, when the employer has the duty of proving the fact of entrusting with possessions and the occurrence of the damage. In practice, companies more often pursue compensations on account of entrusting with possessions.

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Jurkowski, R. (2010). LIABILITY FOR DAMAGE CAUSED BY EMPLOYEES. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 9(1), 87–96. Retrieved from


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