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Janina Szewczyk

Keywords : farm tractors, farm machinery, Malopolska voivodship, regional differentiation
Farm equipment is one of the factors that have significant infl uence on the level of agricultural production. The paper presents statistical analysis of the level of farm equipment in districts of Malopolska voivodship. Three groups of districts were distinguished: of high, moderate and low level of farm equipment. The first group – of high level of farm equipment – consisted of proszowicki, miechowski and olkuski district.The average group was formed by 9 districts, which are as follows krakowski, nowotarski, myślenicki, oświęcimski, bocheński, brzeski, limanowski, dąbrowski and wadowicki. The last, third group contained 10 objects, namely: chrzanowski, gorlicki, nowosądecki, suski, tarnowski, tatrzański, wielicki and 3 cities: Kraków, Tarnów and Nowy Sącz. The lowest level of farm equipment was observed in chrzanowski district.

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Szewczyk, J. (2010). FARM EQUIPMENT IN MALOPOLSKA VOIVODSHIP. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 9(1), 105–111. Retrieved from


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