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Dariusz Strzębicki

Keywords :, B2C electronic commerce, promotion on the Internet, electronic marketplace, Poland
The purpose of the article is to identify the types of promotional tools used and their role in competition between sellers on the B2C and C2C trading platform called A case study of this electronic marketplace was carried out. The information needed to develop the case study came primarily from a qualitative content analysis of the website. The analysis showed that provides sellers with many different promotional tools to compete within this electronic market while maintaining a high level of user experience (UX). Price is an important tool for competing in this market, but the availability of promotional tools reduces its importance on the platform.

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Strzębicki, D. (2019). THE PROMOTION SYSTEM AS A COMPETITION TOOL ON THE ALLEGRO.PL TRADING PLATFORM. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 18(4), 95–102.
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