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Sławomir Juszczyk

Keywords : rational activity, ways of enlargement the financial outcome, so far not sufficient meaning of the rational managing rule, discussion
The author proposes modification of rationale managing rule and gives it as follow: Rational managing rule is a general set of economic ways of profitable proceedings in the clear determined aim condition and operation meaning. The improvement of this aim’s realization could be achieved in the following way by: * keeping the costs in invariable level with simultaneously increasing of production value (way I), * keeping the production value in invariable level with simultaneously decreasing of production costs (way II), * increased the costs with even simultaneously a bigger increasing of production value (way III), * decrease the production value with simultaneously a bigger decreasing of production costs (way IV), * increase the production value with simultaneously decreasing of production costs (way V, short-lived, possible as a result of reorganization of neglected units). In author’s opinion the rational managing rule makes easier, on the one hand, an opinion of existing changes, on the other hand planning the production improvement in short, mid, and long – lived depiction. It allows with economic point of view to concentrate on problems from the past and on these which have short term, operation and strategic meaning. Furthermore, production improvement is for the entity the base giving the chance to exist during the time. In the contemporary macroeconomic condition the economic entity’s success is existing on the market and not to worsen the financial condition. With the all point of view, in the entirely calculus, existing of the economy entity is not only financial profi table but has fi rst of all fundamental social meaning. Predictable escalation of liberalisation in the EU agricultural policy will cause necessity the acceleration of production’s rationalisation in all the farms. In particular it concerns milk farms because of relatively big capital – intensive this production. The decreasing unit cost could be very difficult process, demanding the farming which is based on knowledge. The author is conscious of importance of this problem, and therefore he invites to further discussion.

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Juszczyk, S. (2007). SHOULD THE RATIONAL MANAGING RULE BE EXTENDED – AN INVITATION TO DISCUSSION. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 6(2), 37–52. Retrieved from


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