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Elżbieta Goryńska-Goldmann

Keywords : trends, development, consumption, bread, household
The pattern of consumption of bread and cereal products in countries of average and low consumption that is in EU countries (15) and EU (12) is becoming similar. Despite a kind of the uniformity of consumption, conditions on the market of bread cause the appearance of differences in the consumption of bread among EU countries. The market of bread in Poland is saturated, the overall consumption will not increase. There are chan ges in the quality and the structure of consumed bread. In the coming years there may be a stabilization of consumption of wheat bread and the increase of consumption of rye bread at the expense of mixed bread. Diversity is a characteristic feature of the demand for bread. It is seen on different levels: regional, place of residence, income size, the biological type of households or membership in a particular socio-economic group.

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Goryńska-Goldmann, E. (2010). TENDENCIES OF BREAD CONSUMPTION IN POLAND. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 9(1), 73–86. Retrieved from https://aspe.sggw.edu.pl/article/view/745


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