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Izabela Wielewska
Marzena Kacprzak

Keywords : Agrobusiness, Regional diversity, Eco-innovation
Every agribusiness company affects the natural environment, to a smaller or larger extent. There can be no choice between the environment and economic development, therefore the agribusiness companies must adjust their development to the possibilities that the environment offers. The aim of this study is to present ecological innovations in agribusiness companies and their reference to the idea of sustainable development. Survey research was carried out among 156 agribusiness companies from Kujawsko-pomorskie Province of Poland. The only companies participating in the research were those in which some ecological investments were implemented. The research showed that the agribusiness companies consider the policy of introducing ecological investments to be very important. The companies are trying to bring into their management the strategy of eco-innovations so that they can operate with a benefit for its consumers and the natural environment. The basic types of ecological investments in the surveyed agribusiness companies include: careful waste segregation, ecological production and limiting harmful gas emission. The ecological innovations stem from the principles of sustainable development, they support the introduction of sustainable solutions in the companies, they also allow for a more efficient use of natural resources and contribute to the limitation of actions harmful to the environment while maintaining the high level of innovativeness.

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Wielewska, I., & Kacprzak, M. (2016). DIRECTIONS OF UNDERTAKING ECOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS IN AGRIBUSINESS COMPANIES. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 15(4), 183–193. Retrieved from


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