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Roman Mamuladze
Manuchar Loria
Guladi Tkhilaishvili
Meri Gabaidze

Keywords : Rural tourism, Logistics, Economic development

Aim: The article describes trends in the economic development of Georgia with particular emphasis on the role of tourism in the socio-economic development of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. The paper aims to study the tourism development perspective in Adjara to improve the living conditions of the local population that lives in the highlands and to achieve equal social and economic growth throughout the country. Methods: The study used the literature review and mass statistics data analysis methods. In addition, the results of a survey conducted in September 2022 on a sample of 351 respondents (visiting Adjara for tourism purposes) were presented. Results: Rural tourism is currently being discussed extensively by state organizations and other public cooperation partners as an additional source of revenue in the Rural Tourism Supply Chain in the highland areas and for regional development. The work discusses the potential and the quality of tourist products. It has identified the region’s current trends and issues of tourism development, the main challenges in rural tourism, and the role of transport systems in developing rural tourism sustainability. Conclusions: The article summarizes the recommendations for local officials in rural tourism sustainability and the importance of their development. Adjara’s highlands have quite a challenging landscape. Local government should ensure the acceleration of the infrastructure projects of the Adjara highlands and the arrangement of internal roads, parking lots and infrastructure corresponding to modern standards.

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Mamuladze , R. ., Loria , M. ., Tkhilaishvili, G., & Gabaidze , M. . (2023). TOURISM CHALLENGES IN THE RURAL AREAS OF THE AUTONOMOUS REPUBLIC OF ADJARA. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 22(1), 55–63.

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