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Dariusz Żmija

Keywords : Poverty, Rural areas, Poverty indicators
In Poland relatively more families live in economic poverty in rural areas, which is reflected in the fact that in the years 2007-2013 the extreme and relative poverty risk as well as the national poverty threshold indices in rural areas were higher than in urban areas. The greatest differences in the mentioned poverty indices between rural and urban areas were revealed in the scope of the relative poverty. The fact that there is no evident decrease in the relative poverty index, particularly in rural areas, indicates persistent income inequalities. In comparison with the remaining household groups, the socioeconomic situation of farmers' households was particularly difficult. Their extreme, national and relative poverty risk indices were one of the highest. Many negative tendencies that promote poverty accumulate in Poland's rural areas. The most important of them include the high unemployment rate and a relatively low level of education among the rural population.

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Żmija, D. (2015). ECONOMIC POVERTY IN RURAL AREAS OF POLAND. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 14(3), 167–175. Retrieved from


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