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Małgorzata Matlegiewicz

Keywords : agritourism, financing resources, European Union funds
The political and social changes in Polish country during political system transformation were main cause of decreasing development of the farms. Migrating rural population and the lack of the market for agricultural goods caused increasing unemployment. The occurrence of scattered and inactive farming was a signal for searching new sources of income for impoverished rural families. One of the solutions is the elicitation of activity of the farmers by using existing resources in the rural areas. Life style differentiation and searching for new sources of income was aimed at the development of extra-agricultural activities. Basing on the existing opportunities the farmers started to create agritourist venues, which provide additional money for their households. The main obstacle for development of the agritourism are limited donations, which are mainly at local governments’ disposal. Without financial support of the EU and local governments the dynamic development of agritourism will not be possible.

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Matlegiewicz, M. (2008). THE FINANCING SOURCES OF AGRICULTURAL ACTIVITIES. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 7(3), 51–66. Retrieved from


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