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Marzena Wójcik-Augustyniak

Keywords : marketing strategies, innovation in the field of value, tools of value innovation, key success factors, public universities in Poland
Turbulent environment forces the organizations to search for new ways to cope with increasing competition. Most of the companies realized that to survive it is essential to orient their activities to the needs and desires of customers and, more than ever attention, watch the competitors. Analysis of competitors, however, does not serve to compare them in order to provide customers with value at a higher level or at a lower cost, but primarily aims at the creation of value, which competitors do not provide to customers. One such method, presented in this paper, is to create innovations in the field of value. In relation to marketing activities is to create a cohesive, difficult to copy a set of marketing - mix tools, which was the value for the customer, the cost for the customer, convenience, communication and staff. Analysis of the various elements of marketing - mix, in the context of activities intended to create innovation in the field of value, was conducted in relation to public universities in Poland. The results of studies, conducted among students of the Faculty of Management University of Podlasie (UP) were presented. With regard to value for the customer, UP students recognized such elements of value innovation as: e - books, MBA, flexible study, the number of departments and modern trends of teaching. The cost for the customer maintenance cost of living (in the case of stationary studies), and tuition fees (in the case of part time studies). Location, occupational base, e-learning and multimedia lectures for students of UP were elements of convenience for the customer. Foreign exchange, the prestige of the university (transformation into a university) and the quality of Web pages can be considered as components of communication with the client.

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Wójcik-Augustyniak, M. (2009). VALUE INNOVATION AS CONTEMPORARY CONCEPTION OF MARKETING STRATEGIES. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 8(4), 139–150. Retrieved from


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