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Anna Zielińska

Keywords : SWOT analysis, information, price, strategic management, price risk management
The main goal of this paper was to examine the strengths and weaknesses of the small meat enterprises as well as opportunities and threats in that part of the meat sector in the Wielkopolska Region. In order to assess the activity portfolio to undertake the decision on enterprise’s further development SWOT analysis was used. The primary data was collected from 44 small meat enterprises which amounts to 64% of all small meat enterprises in the research period ranging from 2004–2006. The group of small meat enterprises which both process up to 7,5 tons of slaughter per week and are placed in Wielkopolska were chosen for the research. A questionnaire containing both open as well as closed ended questions formed basis for the research. The survey showed that within the analyzed group strengths dominate and the local market is full of opportunities. Furthermore, the results proved that respondents had a very limited knowledge on how to run an enterprise in a strategic way. It seems to be a worrying fact and further research in that field is needed.

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Zielińska, A. (2010). SWOT ANALYSIS OF MEAT BRANCH IN WIELKOPOLSKA REGION. Acta Scientiarum Polonorum. Oeconomia, 9(1), 131–137. Retrieved from https://aspe.sggw.edu.pl/article/view/751


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